Extra references

Dickson reported finding a novel microorganism in genitourinary samples of chronic cystitis and chronic prostatitis patients. This microorganism matches closely with the experimental results report in Section 8. Here is his article: 1927 Dickson

The articles below were published from 1887 to 1930 on the subject of the parasitic nature of cancer. They link directly to a PDF version of the article. Most are in English, except a few which are in French and German. For an overview of the subject, read the 1908 reviews by Williams and Ewing.

1887 Paget 1892c Ruffer 1893 Ruffer+3 others
1898 Plimmer 1904 Robertson 1910 Park
1925 Young+6 others
1888 Pfeiffer 1892a Soudakewitch 1894 Bodington 1899a Plimmer 1905a Robertson 1915 Gaylord 1925 Ludford
1889 Albarran 1892b Soudakewitch 1894 Cattle 1899b Plimmer 1905b Robertson 1917 Gaylord 1926 Glover
1889 Darier 1892 Metschnikoff 1894 Nepveu 1899 Russell 1907 Robertson 1918 Ewing 1926a Young
1889 Thoma 1892 Plimmer 1894 Plimmer 1900 Bra 1908 Bosc 1919 Ewing 1926b Young
1890 Koubassoff 1893a Ruffer 1894 Ruffer 1901 Braithwaite 1908 Clarke 1921 Nuzum 1930 Glover
1890 Kubasoff 1893b Ruffer 1895 Braithwaite 1901 Gaylord 1908 Ewing 1921 Young  
1890 Russell 1893a Pfeiffer 1895 Pfeiffer 1901 Park 1908 Robertson 1924 Young  
1890 Sjorbring 1893b Pfeiffer 1895 Shattock 1902 Feinberg 1908 Williams 1925a Scott  
1891 Warren 1893 Burchatdt 1897 Defendorf 1903 Bosc 1909a Robertson 1925b Scott  
1892a Ruffer 1893 Korotnev 1897 Sjobring 1903 Park 1909b Robertson 1925a Young  
1892b Ruffer 1893 Plimmer 1898 Bosc 1903 Plimmer 1909 Green 1925b Young  

The articles below were published from 1931 to 1990 on the subject of the parasitic nature of cancer. Sadly, one of the researchers in this group (Caspe) treated cancer patients with unproven methods towards the end of her career (see 1990 Anonymous article). This does not discredit all research articles in this section, which should be interpreted with the same level of skepticism applied to any unreplicated experiment. Of note, chitin (a component of the cell wall of fungi) was reported by 1970 Caspe* as being present in a cancer causing microorganism. It is unclear if this report corresponds with that of Dickson (see Figure 15), or if this study used reliable & repeatable methods. Stared articles are gated.

1931 L'esperance 1950a Diller 1952 Diller 1956 Caspe 1965 Inoue 1970 Caspe* 1972 Caspe*
1943 Burns 1950b Diller 1953 Caspe 1962 Diller* 1965a Caspe 1970 Diller* 1972 Diller*
1948 Caspe 1950 Caspe* 1953 Mescon 1964 Diller 1965b Caspe 1970 Inoue* 1990 Anonymous
1949 Caspe 1951 Diller 1954 Alexander 1965 Diller* 1967 Diller 1970 Seibert*  

Milton White published a series of articles supporting a fungal/bacterial etiology for cancer and inflammatory diseases. The first article published in 1978 arrives at similar conclusions as "PSP94, what is it good for?", only missing the sexually transmissible nature of the causative infection. However, the evidence provided in this article only weakly support the conclusion.

Milton Wainwright published a series of articles supporting a fungal/bacterial etiology for cancer.

1999 Wainwright*2000 Wainwright*2002 Wainwright*2003  Wainwright*2008  Wainwright*2010 Wainwright*