May 6th 1997

I am a 26 year old male, who rarely goes to the doctor for anything until...
My problems started after getting a new girlfriend (only one this decade!)
After having oral sex with her for the first time, I developed white patches in the back of my throat. My GP diagnosed me with a yeast infection and gave me Difuzican and Nystatin, which seemed to make it go away, but the culture for yeast test came back NEG?  Oh well, it worked didn't it?  No big deal.
A few weeks later I had unprotected sex with her (mistake #2?) and a few days afterwards had a burning sensation in my penis, which scared the sh*t out of me! My GP told me to wait and see if i get a discharge, which I never got one. In the meantime my girlfriend was tested for everything under the sun, and discovered she had Bacterial Vaginosis and was put on Metronidozle. I was consecutively put on the same. But no improvement for me. In the meantime the burning got better, but never went away, more of an irritation feeling. And I dicovered that near the tip of my penis (on one side of the opening) it was specailly irritated and looked tender. I also experienced aches and pains in my groin area in general.

A few months went by and I decided it wasn't going away, so I went to see my GP again. This time he diagnosed me with prostatitis and gave me Sulfatrim, no luck with this stuff either. After this he gave up and sent me to a Urologist. The uro gave me some testing, urine test / prostate fluid on a slide, DRE, everything looked good. So he thought I had non-specific urethritis, he could not see the irriated look on the tip of my penis (for some reason when I goto the doctor, my penis shrinks and you cant see the spot of irritation) so I got a weeks worth of Doxycyline. Nothing still...

Next visit I was given the wonderful feeling of having a telescope shoved up my penis to see whats happening, he said everything looked ok, but the prostate was a little red. So now I got a regiment of Noroxin, Oxybutynin, and Phenazopyrid (latter two are a blatter relaxer and urinary tract pain killer - which is staining my underwear crazy!) I'm currently in week 2 of a 4 week treatment of Noroxin, and so far its THE SAME STORY, NOTHING WORKING.  After reading LOTS of things on the Internet it seems that when prostititis is associated with a sore tip of the penis, it's because of a Yeast induced infection.  If this is the case, could this be cured with an over-the-counter medication, such as Monistat-7? Could this be applied right on the tip of my penis? I am going to suggest the yeast infection theory to my Uro on my next visit and see what he says. Needless to say this whole ordeal (going on 9 months) make me very depressed.

I am still with my girlfriend and she's very supportive.  But it's a real damper on things sometimes. I can still enjoy sex, but it seems after sex my pains are increased for a day or so.  If anyone can tell me anything, I would GREATLY appreciate it, as my hope for antibiotic treatment is diminishing, and my attitude is getting more depressive. I just want to heal this thing and get on with my life to enjoy the summer and my girlfriend, looks like I might have goten a new life-long ailment tho...