October 19th 2003

I've been suffering from what I guess is prostatitis for over 6 months now. I will tell you my story as brief as I can and maybe someone out there can offer me some good advice or something I should ask my Dr.’s. I’ve been fighting this disease relentlessly for over 6 months with severe symptoms and can’t take it anymore.

Here it goes:
It started off about 1 week after having oral and vaginal sex with a woman I picked up in a bar. This happened after 13 years of a monogamous marriage. I don’t need to be flamed for the cheating as one Dr. Already cited verses from the Bible at me. 1 week after the sexual encounter I started having burning pain On the shaft of my penis. I went to the local health dept. and got tested for all the std’s. The nurse there said My urine had some whit blood cells in it so she treated me for chlamydia. Of course the test results take a few days but she treated me anyway and gave me a solution to drink and a pill I think it was zithromax.

Well the next day I felt fine no symptoms, but the day after that the pain came back with a vengeance. I went To the local E.R. told them the story and they did a urethral swab and gave me some kind of a shot and put me on doxy for 10 days. Well after a week I get worse now pins and needles pain in thighs. There was never Any discharge or visible signs and it didn’t burn when I voided but it still didn’t feel right. So I go to Uro # 1. He says my urine is clean, looks me over , says I look fine and gives me some flowmax samples and tells me to finish out the doxy and should be fine. Well a week later and still in bad shape. Go back to Uro and he says urine is clean you look fine and gives me Amytriptolyn. (Forgive any spelling errors I didn’t go to med school ) 

Well that wasn’t working so I try a Dermatologist. He says I have scrotodynia and puts me on neurotin. Well none of this works so I seek out another Uro. I go to Uro #2 he says my urine is clean but puts me on cipro for 4 weeks then come back and see me. Well the symptoms start to get worse now with severe lower back pain. I call for emergency visits with Uro#2 and he says stick with the cipro. He wouldn’t give me any thing for pain because he said he "doesn’t go there" even though I was eating Motrin, Aspirin, Tylenol like crazy and none of them touched the pain. The pain was so bad I would call the office Dr. on call over the weekends. One put me on Bactrim ,paridium and Urised. Then finally Uro#2 gives me a prescription for Lydocain ointment because now the pain increased to what felt like a piece of glass lodged in the tip of my penis. Pain is getting excruciating so I go into uro#2 for another emergency visit. He throws His hands up in the air and says I don’t know what’s wrong with you so I am going to send you in for a CT scan for stones and then I am going to scope your bladder. The following day I was still in severe pain and Couldn’t stand it (The burning, the pinching feeling at the tip, The lower back pain) Uro#2 wasn’t going to do anything for my pain (I refer to him now as Dr. Frankenstein)

So off to the E.R. I go again. I tell my story And they take blood and urine I wait there for results and they can’t find anything . The E.R. doc said some of the tests would take a few days ex: Auto Immune Ghoneria and the like and that if anything bad turned up they would call me. In the meantime they sent me home with a prescription for a Prendizone pack(steroids) You take 6 the first day then 5 then 4 and so on. It seemed to help the first couple of days then back Downhill. I go in for the CT scan for stones, of course it comes back normal. I seek out a new Uro but have to wait 4 weeks to get in.

So I try a family Dr. Tell him the story and he does another swab for chlamydia puts me on Flagyl and Zithromax plus I am still taking the Cipro. I quit the bactrim because it made me sick. While I was waiting on Dr. Frankenstein to do my cystoscopy I called the soon to be Uro #3 Office. I forgot to tell you that I had posted a question on Medhelp.ORG earlier and that DR. told me to get a prostate secretion test. I pleaded with Dr. Frankenstein to do this procedure but he kept on saying it was unwarranted because my urine kept coming up clean. So now Uro#3. I called the nurse there and asked if I could get a prostate secretion test performed so the results would be in for my first app. With Uro#3. They said come on in. I get there they have me void in Two different cups then they did the prostate massage they put secretions on some slides then I voided a final time. It was in that last urine sample they I had a white blood cell count called TNT or too many to count. They immediately sent me to the hospital for a CT scan of my prostate checking for an abscess. And put me on Arithmiocyn Or ERY-TABs And Lortab 7.5 for the pain. The CT scan comes back showing Inflammation And Lots of Pustules in my prostate. They were unable to grow anything on my culture (Maybe because of all the Drugs I was taking?) But At least I finally stopped 80% of the pain with the lortab. Uro#3 says my symptoms should be signifantly better in seven days. Well you guessed
it, NOT! So he does a cystoscope and says my sphincter muscle The on you can control to stop and start urine flow was in a spasming state. So he puts me On Baclofin. A week of this and it makes me sick so they take me off the baclofin and put me on Valium. Well weeks of this goes by and nothing changes so he thinks it my be nerve related. Back to the hospital I go this time for a MRI of my back. This comes
back showing a herniated disk at L5 or L4 I forget so he sends me to a Neurologist now. This dr. looks at my films and says no way is the herniated disk causing your penis problems and try’s to refer me to an Infectious disease Dr. who refuses to see me unless they Identify that I have an Infectious disease.

So now Its Off to Uro#4. This Dr. is at a major university teaching hospital. He’s a great Dr. willing to try anything. We tried Lydocain injections directly into the nerves of my prostate along with massage. Transrectal ultrasound. Another Cystoscope which revealed my Sphincter was fine so he took me off the valium. We tried 1 gram Vancomyocin IV with steroids directly into my prostate. That seemed to help some so ten days later we Tried 1 Gram Vanco IV with 20ml of Gentomyicin Injected Directly into my prostate. I go off all the drugs for a week and I start climbing the walls with pain. So My wife picks up the phone and gets me an appointment into the Cleveland Clinic.

So Here I am Had my first appointment down here in Florida. I voided into a machine and that checked out ok. On the exam the Dr. pushed on my left and right pelvic floor muscles and I almost dropped to the floor in pain. It takes 7 days to try and grow the cultures So I am in a hotel awaiting my follow up appointment tomorrow the 20th Oct. They took me off the lortab put me on Ultram which seems not to make me feel drugged up and works almost as good as lortab. So all I am taking now is Ultram 2 times a day Prosta Q for a week and a half now and Senna lax so I can make a bowel movement. I know this huge post is allot to read but I am in desperate need of help as I know allot of my fellow sufferers are too but maybe there is someone out there lurking with the same story as mine and Is cured and can help me.

I had my follow up with the Dr. down here in Florida. My urine and prostate secretions came back negative. The semen came back positive for 500 cfu/ml coagulase negative staphylococcus. The Dr. says this is nothing to worry about and that over 60% of men have this amount in their semen. I will try and start biofeedback and muscle massage next week. Seems like I felt much better for the 3 days following my last pelvic floor massage then I went downhill again.