November 9th 2003
4 months have elapsed since the encounter, and things are better but not how they should be.

In the middle of june, a girl performed oral sex on me , 12 hours later , my whole groin area felt like it was on fire.

i went to the doctor 2 days later, and he gave me a 5 day course of antibiotics

i went to the GU clinic and got tested a few weeks afterwards, and was found to be negative for clymidia, syphallis, ghonerreheo.( excuse spelling) also had aids done after 12weeks again negative. I did however, have some spots appear ( and was told that that was thrush, cream was given , and a culture was taken, and antibiotics given,for what i was told was bacteria that was in the wrong place, a good bacteria, just not where it should be.

I have this pain in my groin area, at the base of my penis, on the right of it. also my right testicle,there is a dull pain , like a very mild kick in the the past they did swell up, and it was very painful to walk. Running was a definate can run now,but my right testicle gives me pain.i have had a scan on my testicles , and nothing to report there.

i get the need to urinate quite frequently when the pain is more intense.

Are there other infections that could have been passed that would cause this but not show at the GU clinic.

I have been referred to a uroligist, but as a non urgent case.