March 10 2001
I have become very interested in yeast infections of the prostate. I have read several things on the net that seem to indicate is a very real problem and probably the cause of my own prostate problems. Here's why I think so:

- My problems started after an STD contracted from a girl who said she had a yeast infection.
- A girlfriend had contracted a yeast infection, which she said had never before been a problem, after we went off condoms.
- In two urologist visits they have never detected swelling or signs of bacteria.
- I regularly get jock itch.

Has anyone out there been diagnosed with prostatitis caused by yeast/fungus. Have there been successful treatments. Does this type cause any unique symptoms? My symptoms seem pretty standard, frequency, hyper-urgency, groin pain after ejaculation, groin aches after urination. In the past I have had cloudy urinations which are preceded/succeeded with pain in the groin and a burning urethra. I have not heard any mention of cloudy urine.