April 30th 1999
I just had my prostate examined and my physician confirmed it was swollen. I recently took broad spectrum antibiotics (BIaxin, Augmentin, Ceftin, Zithromax, Cipro) for 8 months virtually continuously for a severe recalcitrant sinus infection (also took cortisone). While on antibiotics (Biaxin), I developed a fungal rash on the scrotum and penis which has been very treatment resistant. After this rash worsened and spread to the tip of the penis, I noticed urinary burning, frequency and pelvic pain. I never had urinary or prostate problems prior to going on this extended course of antibiotics. Also, I had no sexual relations for several months prior to noticing these symptoms.

For these reasons, I believe I have fungal/yeast prostatitis. I currently am taking Nizoral 400mg/daily (also take Allegra 120mg/day) which helps a little bit but not nearly enough. Diflucan Sproranox and Lamisil have been even less effective than Nizoral. In fact the fungal rash kept on spreading even while on Diflucan.

I am interested in learning more about the interferon treatment that Dr. Dimitrakov recently mentioned for chronic fungal infections. I would like to find a doctor in Southern California to administer it. Also, what is the most reliable way to culture fungi/yeasts?

I have had the rash cultured twice and it came back negative, in spite of the fact that doctors say it is visibly a fungal infection. Also, urine cultures came back negative. I am also currently getting allergy shots of the candida antigen twice weekly.

Many thanks for your help.

May 3rd 1999

I took antibiotics virtually continuously for 8 month due to a bad sinus infection.  I never had any problems with my urinary tract or prostate before going on this extended course.

While on anibiotic + cortisone, I developed a severe fungal rash on the scrotum.  I had to take antibiotics long term because for my sinusitis, so I took diflucan, Lamisil, Sporanox and Nizoral.  The yeast quickly became resistant to diflucan and sporanox, and the rash spread to the tip of the penis, and that is when I noticed frequent and painful urination, followed by pelvic pain.  At that point, I quit taking Biaxin, and switched from Sporanox to Nizoral which works slightly better.