Mike D

March 12th 2001
I am 41 y/o. About 11 years ago I started having prostate problems. I would wake up all night long with intense, almost paiful erections. My left testicul only would get very, very sore. I had pain in my rectum, where the prostate it.

I soon realized that food was triggering my attacks. Within 6 months almost everything I ate was killing me. I went to 3 urologist but none of them had heard of such severe food reactions. I had to cut back on what I ate to basically 5-6 things. Those 5-6 things were the only things that didn't make me miserable. After about 5 years of that I went to a food allergist. He said no food allergies.

Just this month I went to an ENT for sinus problems. Somehow we got on the issue of my prostate. Hetells me that it all, including the sinus problems, could be food allergies or yeast. He had me tested for food allergies. I tested positive for MANY, MANY things. I couldn't believe it. I had been to an allergist at Duke University Med Center, one of the better hospitals in the country, and the head of the allergy department told me no allergies. Anyway, at least I now know! The ENT then tells me to take Lamisil for 14 days as a starter.

That sounded good until he told me not to take the Lamisil until Monday. Why? Because he said that he needed to be on call in case I had problems. What? This sounds weird! He said that my symptoms would get worse before they got better but after a day or two it would be OK.

What is he talking about and what should I expect? I am really worried about it. I don't want to be alone at home freaking out or whatever.

I would like to hear from anyone who has had similar problems with food and prostatitis. I am talking severe here. I can't eat but 5-6 things. It's horrible. I need to believe it will get better with the anti-fungal.

The 5-6 foods are foods that DON'T bother me. The things I eat that don't cause severe prostatitis are: ground turkey, broccoli, eggs, bananas, pasta. Almost everything else does. Rice, corn, anything with sugar, most fruit, salt, you name it.