May 20th 2002

It started about 2 weeks after having unprotected sex with a girl I met. I never got her number or saw her again so I couldnt contact her to see if she knew she had any infections etc. I had all the Std tests done and all were negative but I was still given antibitiotics. The symptoms started out like urethritis, with me wanting to urinate all the time with the skin on my penis/foreskin exteremly sore. Over time this has progressed to a general feeling of discomfort in my penis and perineal (?) region as well, but the urgency and frequency are much reduced now.

The doctors seem unconvinced by my claim that all this is the result of that sexual encounter as no infections were ever found, but it seems too much of a coincidence to me to discount. I have recently been considering that she may have had a fungal/yeast infection and passed it on to me. Certainly the first doctor i ever went to about the problem said it looked like i had a yeast infection and gave me a cream which didnt solve the problem. I then went to another doctor who started the whole antibiotics cycle.

I've had this now for about 15 months and I really need to get rid of it as it is seriously affecting the quality of my life. even walking is uncomfortable due to the friction of my penis against my underwear, and as for sex i can hardly walk for about 2 days afterwards. As nobody seems to know the problem i have decided to try out different things myself to deal with it and as i said want to give the oral antifungals a try. If they dont work it's on to the next idea i suppose...