Letter - circa 2008
I am a 27 years old male who suffers from chronic prostatitis that is accompanied by irregular bowel movements. These problems started roughly 2 years ago after I had unprotected sex with my current girlfriend, who suffers from vaginal candidiasis and who had a HPV-caused grade 2 cervical dysplasia removed. Soon after I started to manifest the first symptoms of prostatitis, I also developed a modest molluscum contagiosum infection in the genital area, which was successfully treated with curettage, and athlete’s foot (although I cannot confidently state that this was a consequence of my main condition).

All the examinations and tests that I made failed to show any “exogenous” source of the disease(e.g. multiple urine and sperm samples tested negative for both bacteria and fungi). As such the various urologists whom I consulted hid behind the “chronic abacterial prostatitis” diagnosis and offered no solution apart from suggesting to embark on a monastic lifestyle of questionable efficacy. Of course I am not at all convinced by their diagnosis, given that I can clearly infer the etiology of my condition.

An antibiotic treatment I underwent failed to improve my condition and arguably actually made it worse, at least temporarily. On the other hand, I seem to respond to a certain extent to antifungal drugs (nystatin and terbinafine, with itraconazole showing limited efficacy and fluconazole causing quite severe rash).

I have also noticed that improvements in bowel function are accompanied by a marked improvement in prostate function (or maybe the other way round: I have not been able to determine which one causes the other) and vice versa. Stress also seems to play a role, as more stressful periods are accompanied by a worsening of the symptoms. During this last summer I even had an almost complete remission of my prostatitis that lasted for 2/3 weeks (with my bowel however continuing to be rather intractable).

All in all, I can say that my symptoms are now significantly less severe than when I first developed my condition, although prostate function doesn’t seem to be very good (with decreased libido being the most prominent and unpleasant effect).