December 17th 2002

25 year old male.  About 6 months ago (May) I had unprotected sex one morning with a female (a friend)  after providing oral sex on her the evening BEFORE.  I develop tingling sensation in the abdomen 10 days later, thought nothing of it.  5 weeks post exposure went to the doctor (my GP) with testicular and prostate pain, was put on Doxy for 10 days.  Swab and Urine came back negative for Chlmaydia, Gonno..  He said he believed the prostate was swollen based on my description (No DRE).  Got better after 10 days of doxy and was good for a few weeks after.

The next 6-8 weeks I felt not right, fatigue, pain in my lower stomach (thought I had mono or HIV, though the spleen was enlarged bc of pain) went to the doctor who took CBC but was normal.  No prostate pains during this time.

Came back after 13 weeks post exposure of intense prostate and perineum pain. He did a DRE and said it was definitely swollen.  Put me on Cirpo for 4 weeks. Agreed with me that it was Prostatis. Symptoms got 90% better but slightly noticeable in the perineum region after the month of Cipro. Then went on holidays after 4th week and was put on Cipro for another 4 weeks as preventative measure (slightly less than 8 weeks in total).  Felt  97% normal in the 2nd month of cipro.  WEnt off cipro after 8 weeks and went to see a Uro just 3 days after that.  I waited 3 days (6 days after finishing cipro) and supplied a semen sample.  Virilaty is good 105 million but a moderalte level of white blood cells in semed found.  No bacteria.   He did a DRE and said it was normal for a 25 year old male.  Pain came back that week off of cipro.  Uro said that we weren't going to use anymore anitbiotics and to use herbal remedies and layoff coffee.  THis was late October (maybe 20 weeks post exposure).  The pain has mostly been mild the last 2 months, more in the perineum, notcitebale when i sit down only.  Slight irratation if I have a lot of coffee but can drink alcohol to excess once a week.  Foods don't seem to bother me. I have noticed though that I have expereinced Premature Ejaculation now bc of this prostatits which is god awful.  Can still get hard but likely won't last more then 30 seconds.

Now for the important questions:

1)  Assuming there were no STD's  from this partner (very safe assumption), what is likely the bacteria that invaded my system and is now (i assume) still in my prostate?  I assume I got somethign from her, tingly sensation in abdomen 10 days after.

2)  Are there any long-term implications in not dealing with bacteria in the prostate? (sterility, cancer, sexual concerns)

3)  Was I not off Cirpo long enough to get a positive culture from my semen after seeing the uro?  (I have seen suggestions about being off abx's for at least a month before any culturing is done)  Thus bacteria could actually be present in my semen.

4)  Is it possible that any (if it is) Bacteria in me can be passed to a partner of me during unprotected sex from now on?  (My GP says no, says bacteria has been zapped out of me, but he hardly is an
expert...yet still mentions the prostate being difficult to penetrate) 

5)  Should my GP have treated me not for a possible STD but rather for acute bacterial  prostatitis witht he suggested therapy of 4 weeks instead of 10 days on doxy?  I assume the bacteria was only temp. weakened and not eradicated by the short abx treament, hence the 8 week break period between acture onset and that one the prostate pain later on?  I can't help but wonder if this was partially his fault for not catching this sooner?

6)  I am willing to try one more round of abx's at this point.  The 8 weeks of cipro didn't seem to work (although I am worried that I took zinc supplements during the abx period...although was very careful in tkaing it 3 hrs after, and not more then 6 before).  Shoul;d I consider going on  Cirpo again, maybe with drainage this time or after 8 weeks will the bug have become resistant?  Could the bug be resitant after the 10 days of Doxy (thus eliminating that as well?  I am allergic to Suplha drugs so can't take those.  Any ABX suggestions on what direction I should take?....ESPECIALLY keeping in mind what type of bacteria I likely picked up?!?!?!

I apologize for the long winded message but neither my gp or uro know crap about this nor want to help.  The net is my last bastion of information. Even short answers would be appreciated!