August 7th 2007
i post it in order to have some advices beacause french urologists are really bad. i am 25.

last year, i had an intercourse with a call-girl. 15 days later, i had urinary problems ( low tract and fequency) plus big fever, plus pain in the bladder area and testicles. i went to a doctor who gave me a 8 day-course of antibiotics against STD. exams found nothing. few mounth later i lost my erections. ( morning erections, all erections) .

so i began to see many urologist who all told me to see a psycholog. then i decide to see a urologist from another country. i went in switzerland , and the man told me it was a prostatitis, and that it is a desease wich is difficult to health. but, as some exam was about to be done in france, he didn't give me exams or drugs. he just told me that exams were really stirct protocole and gave me advices to make them in some strict conditions.

so i did semenculture, urine analysis, PSA, etc... but nothing.

i went to several doctors who told me to see psychologs. i pass a retrograde urethrography wich told that there was a shrunk in the prostatic urethra. ( prostatitis or urethral shrunk ? we do not know). but urologists said that there was no shrunk, and i was skysophren.

nowadays i have still a low urinary tract, no erections. (sometimes ia have some weak erections, but the glans do not get filled) aproximataly every two mounth, i have a real erection with the glans filled ( so i can deduce it is not dead). recently, i felt some pains in the rectum, the testicles, penis, urethra and low back. i have an tch in the urethra. my penis seems to have a bigger size than before.(when it is asleep). my low urinary tract is more important at the wake up.