March 10th 2005
I had an encounter over 1 year ago with someone I didn't know and never told my girlfriend about it.  Six weeks later had epididymitis and went to the Dr. they cultured urine and said there was no bacteria found. Said no need to worry about passing any infection to my girlfriend.  I have battled with the epididymitis coming back every 6 - 8 weeks and everytime they test me they say they don't see any infection.  My girlfriend and I have taken 2 grams of zithromax and 2 grams of flagyl and abstained for 1 week after.  I continue to get epididymitis every 6 - 8 weeks after sex with my girlfriend.  She says she has no problems, however, sometimes she complains of pain in her lower abdomain.  She has heavy bleeding for the first day of her period, but says that's normal and has no other problems.  She too has been tested for STD's and had a pap smear all of which came back normal.  I have no discharge, but have notice once or twice what felt like a sharp pinch in the opening of my penis that lasted for a couple of seconds then was gone.  I had a vasectomy with no complications about 5 years ago.

I have told the entire story to the Dr's and they are now writing this off as post vasectomy pain syndrome because they can't find any bacteria and say there is no cure.

My questions are:
1. Given the timeframe between the encounter and the first episode of the epididymyits is it most likely it is an infection? (STD?)
2. Is there an STD that they cannot find during testing?
3. Are there any other tests that can be performed to find out what is causing it?  I had ultrasounds.
4. What is the likelyhood that it is an antibiotic resistant strain ofr an STD?  (However we can't find any STD when tested)
5. Does anyone know of a cure.