October 16th 1997

I too am (almost) entirely convinced that Candida Albicans is causing my troubles. I believe that I harboured a yeast infection in my left epididymis for a number of years (without any pain, just noticeable swelling) before the pathogen managed to colonize my acini.

My symptoms respond dramatically to anti-yeast drugs (diflucan and lamisil). And yet I can't seem to get rid of the symptoms completely. I'm betting on a combination of drainage along with oral systemic anti-yeast drugs, catheterisation of DMSO with an anti-candida agent, and perhaps (though I don't know if this is possible) the introduction of an anti-candida agent hypodermically into the infected epididymis.

I am getting very tired of hearing doctors and specialists tell me "Its extremely rare to get a yeast infection THERE!" I want to tell them "Look here, Herr Doktor, nobody KNOWS what causes this syndrome, so how the f*** could you possibly KNOW that my symptoms are not caused by candida? I'll tell you how - you're mechanically repeating a piece of highly questionable medical folklore."

Be thankful for renegades in the medical profession. The establishment will always be ready (for its own all too terrifyingly reasonable reasons) to shroud defectors in an almost impenetrable blanket of suspicion. Of course there are lechers out there who prey on people's desperation. But we would do well to remember that many fanatical people with unbelievable ideas have profoudly changed the direction of science, and that many of those in the medical profession who are attempting to develop alternative regimens of treatment are doing so because they CARE; they are genuinely troubled by the fact that the medical establishment is all too often motivated by factors very far removed from CARE.