July 25th 1999

Okay, Long version, 12 hrs or less after a first time unprotected intercourse with a new girlfriend, urethritis began as an itch and mild burning inside near the tip of the penis, progressing down the shaft and becoming more intense over a three day period, at which point I decided to see a doctor. By that time there was even some irritation deep in my lungs and discomfort around my diaphram. There was a very thin, hardly noticeable clear discharge ocaisionally from the penis.

The doctor gave the battery off  tests including Chlymidia dipstick, urinalysis, and HIV. I got a shot in the butt, (not sure what it was) and doxycycline for 7 days. All of the tests were negative.

The woman was shocked, she had been monogamous with her former boyfriend for over 8 years and had heard nothing of this. She went to her Kaiser doctor and tested negative for everything ( she doesn't have a womb by the way and only one ovary, all removed ). The doctor gave her doxycyline anyway, which she took and got a yeast infection immediately thereafter, also treated with the usual stuff.

My symptoms had improved but had not completely cleared with the Doxycycline, there was still irriation inside the ureathra near the tip of the shaft. I immediately called the doctor and was given cipro for another 7 days. This seemed to pretty much clear up everything although I do remember a very slight ache in my right seminal vesicle.

Assuming we were both cured, we had a second instance of intercourse. This time, in less than 12 hrs ( I think more like 3- 6) I had intense irritation externally on the penis, particularly around the corona as well as the irritation beginning in the shaft and working it's way down. This episode was more intense than the first, but did not include the discharge or respiratory irritation, but there was a lot of bowel irritation and around the anus.

We went back to my doctor jointly. He were puzzled, recommended a urologist. Took more tests, all negative, gave us both cipro again. After this course of cipro she again got a yeast infection which she took the standard stuff for. We had sex again and this time the pain was so unbearable after just a couple of hours, I told her we had to stop until we were sure this was taken care of.

I went to the urologist, was tested, all negative, had ultrasound of the bladder and kidneys, also negative.

We began having sex using condoms, but it seemed that even if any vaginal fluid got on the base of the penis, it was extremely caustic. We went back to my doctor who prescribed a cream for her that I can't remember the name of (I think it began with an N) but it was not the standard yeast treatment. This seemed to help more than anything, but she refused to continue after the first tube and eventually the effects returned and we broke up.

After no sex for a while the symptoms subsided to just in front of the prostate and discomfort in the anus. Ejaculations would temporarily reduce some of the discomfort at the base of the penis in front of the prostate. I went to a second urologist who did all the same tests and also put a camera down the urethra. All he could find was the blood vessels in the area of the prostate entrance were pronounced. ( I noticed that when the aforementioned sexual contact instances occurred, the capillaries in the corona became pronounced).

He told me I was not infectious, could find no inflammatory cells and suggested an allergist.  The allergist did skin tests, found me alergic to grass and tree pollen, didn't no what to make of the rest of the story, but did a little trial and error with antihistamines until he found a combo that provided a very minimal effect on my prostatitis (better than nothing, but I have clear sinuses now) The effectiveness has diminished over time though.

Resigned to having to live with this, and working on the assumption I was not infectious as told, I began dating again.

I met my current girlfriend, who I have been monagamous with for 15 months. There were no increase in symptoms while I used a condom, predominately for birth control. But one day our passion got away from us and we had unprotected sex. Thereafter we began the practice of putting on the condom after initial unprotected contact. There was no noticable difference for about two weeks, but the the external and internal symptoms returned. I simply suffer in silence now, but I have noticed that if I use Clortrimazol on my penis before the act, the symptoms are less severe. It is that fact as well as some of the facts from the former relationship, which leads me to believe this may be fungal. Also, if I give oral sex to my partner now, I have throat irritation shortly thereafter.

I have also recently noticed my sides aching slightly (kidney area)., which has prompted another appointment to the Uro next week.