August 23rd, 2010

The cipro was given to me when I first discovered this and within 2-3 days I was feeling back to normal, however that only lasted for about a week and a half, after that all my symptoms came back while I was still taking the cipro. After cipro I was given bactrim which again began to work but unfortunately I had an allergic reaction to it that forced me to stop taking it.

It's strange because the only discomfort that I felt originally was in my left testicle, now it's in the groin area as well as through my thighs the area between my scrotum and rectum. So to me it's almost as if the infection spread to the prostate which means that it got worse in my opinion. Leads me to believe that this may be fungal and not bacterial. In fact, right around the time I started experiencing this my girlfriend thinks she had a yeast infection.

I have an appointment with my primary in two weeks to see how the current meds are working. I will discuss with him wether to see another urologist or not and if we can maybe get a culture to see if there is bacteria or a fungus. What's been good so far is that my pain is not too bad most days, I feel as if the hot humid weather makes it worse. Some mornings I will walk my dog and the discomfort in my groin is really bad afterwards. I also find that if i smoke marijuana it sometimes make the discomfort worse. I think the good days are attributed to the antibiotics because they can act as a anti inflammatory which probably helps. Currently not taking any pain meds because im scared of drug interactions and dont like to take too much stuff.

Anyway hoping that the ACV cocktail works over the duration of time I am taking it, coupled with the stretching and meds. Also thinking of going to see a different Uro because the one I went to didnt even think to check my prostate when my primary did. I am also going to mention the prostaq to him. It seems to work for a lot of people. The main ingredient is quercetin which is a natural flavanoid that is an anti inflammatory. If there is no infection I really dont want to keep taking antibiotics and hurting my immune system further.