February 7th 2004
I've had an infection for 6 months, my doctor thinks its in my prostate. Could someone with some knowledge maybe have a read and suggest what my next course of action should be? My symptoms:

Dull pain that comes/goes as well as sudden sharp, stabbing pain in testicles, urethra, penis, bladder, and prostate. Present most often in testicles. Sometimes sharp pain in random spots throughout body. Very light discharge, light burning/irritation while urinating. Underneath tip of penis is pale (this is the first symptom I noticed, before pain), area around urethral opening is dark and blotchy, area of foreskin that covers urethra is pale/depigmented. Symptoms started immediately after sexual encounter with girl who complains of discharge, similar pain, and recurring yeast infections.

Medication with no effect, in order taken, in the last 4 months
-Canesten cream
-Eryc (erothromycin)
-Viaderm cream

I've been tested for chlamydia/gonorrhea, several urine cultures, blood tests, renal ultrasound didnt show anything abnormal. I've been seeing doctors since week 1 and nothing has helped at all, I'm about to lose it. What should I do? Could it be mycological or viral, since antibiotics do nothing?