Dominic Anfiteatro

October 8th 1999
Has anyone here experienced having continuous dermatitis of the penis glans (head) and CP. I guess being uncircumcised is probably irrevilent (?)but I am uncircumcised and have had this problem ever since I started to have CP symptoms and I also found a link that when the CP symptoms were prominent so was the dermatitis. I've tried using broad spectrum antifungal creams for months at  a time and as soon as I stoped using them it  to reappear. I have had a bit more success using a cream/lotion that I made myself based on a native Ausie plant, sneeze weed [Centipeda cunninghamii] extract, cade oil and stelleria media[chickweed] extract with zinc oxide. It is the only thing I find that gets the dermititis down and once down helps keep it at bay for a few weeks, no cure, but better than any other topical drug I've tried.